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Some Title Holders

Ch. Suwyn's After the Fire, "Smokey"

Ch. Karnovanda's Black Beauty, "Belle", (Can. pointed, BOB)

Br. Pan. Int. Gr. Ch. Jalerran's Nanook Princess Diaries, "Mia" (pointed)

CAC, CACIB, BOB & BIS (CQ) Lt., Lv., Est., Can., Bal., Int., Ch. Jalerran’s Nanook the Last Crusade, "Cruz"

Can. Ch. Nanook's Jalerran Patriot, "Freedom" (pointed, BOB)

Can. Ch. Nanook's Eternal Pages of Time, "Tasia"

Ch. Amaroq Layla, "Layla"

Am/Can. Ch. Nanook's Jalerran the Lion King, "Leo"

Can. Ch. Sarabe's Annie Oakley, "Annie"

Can. Ch. Nanook's Repeat Performance, "Peter"

Can. Ch. Innisfree's O'Toole, "O'Toole"

Can. Ch. Nanook's Running with the Wind, "Jayla"

Can. Ch. Innisfree's From Russia with Love, "Russia"

Jalerran's Rumer, CGC, "Rumer"

Ch. Kristari's Tickle Me Elmo, "Elmo"



Taylor - Chrisdon's Jalerran Perfect Fit

Magnolia (major) - Amaroq Sugar Magnolia

Coz - Amaroq Cosmic Charley

Gwen (major) - Jalerran's Lady Guinevere

Silver - Kossok's Jalerran Silverado

Jenna (BOB) - Apparition Jalerran Entrapment

Blue - Kristari's Red White and Blue

Journey - Kristari's Incredible Journey

Connie (major) - Kristari's Conspiracy Theory

Janie - Jalerran's Calamity Jane

Odie - Jalerran's Thirteenth Warrior

Rumor - Kristari's Rumor Has It

We've had a number of successes in the show ring over the years.  We will continue to show in conformation on occasion; however, we have also recently started exploring the world of sledding.  We are enjoying our local sled dog club immensely, and are looking forward to seeing what the dogs will do in harness.

Thanks to the honesty and bravery of some of the breeders with whom we've worked in the past - those with the consciences to do the right thing and inform other breeders about possible health concerns behind their dogs, we were able to learn a lot about health backgrounds.  Unfortunately, in the cases of some of our dogs, the negative health information was enough that we had opted to proceed in a different, and hopefully safer, direction pedigree-wise for our future prospects.

Our 'Health & Events' page contains OFA/CERF information about dogs we've had who have cleared, as well as those who have not.   Additional information on health backgrounds is outlined below.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the health-related information on what has been produced by any of our dogs, past or present.



Past Visitors (stud dogs only)

Ty - Ch. Innisfree's Ticonderoga

Dalton - Can. Ch. Nanook's Silverado

Hughy - Can. Ch. Innisfree's O'Donahue

Houston - T'Heat Ison of the Midnight Sun

Broker - Sandcastle's Wall St Broker, major pointed

Placed in Loving Pet Homes

Stormy - Huricane Jalerran Perfect Storm, spayed - too small

Cora - Cora Northern Lights, spayed - cataracts

Blossom - Highlander's Power Puff Girl, spayed - produced diabetes insipidus

Jack - Jalerran's Jack Frost, son of Blossom, so neutered

Jenna - Apparition Jalerran Entrapment, pet homed due to divorce

Camille - Apparition Jalerran Chameleon, pet homed due to accidental breeding

Aspen - Highland's Aspen Extreme, informed of littermate with epilepsy so spayed

Therese - Highland's Cool Runnings, informed of littermate with epilepsy so spayed

Freedom - Can. Ch. Nanook's Jalerran Patriot, littermate with epilepsy, not produced

Cotton - Jalerran 's Dodgeball, son of Freedom so pet-homed

Odie - Jalerran's Thirteenth Warrior, cataracts

Gypsy - Amaroq Gypsy Woman, spayed due to whelp complication

Baron - Jalerran's Red Baron, cataracts

Joe - Jalerran's Meet Joe Black, littermate with ectopic ureter so pet-homed

O'Toole - Can. Ch. Innisfree's O'Toole, produced multiple cases of epilepsy so pet-homed

Jolie - Jenason's Jalerran Just Cause, CD & Retinal Dysplasia

Cookie - Jenason's Jalerran Just Four, two littermates with eye defects

Honey - Jalerran's Terms of Endearment (age 6, retired)

Rumor - Kristari's Rumor Has It, AKC pointed (age 5, retired)

Additional health info to follow...

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Tasia - Can. Ch. Nanook's Eternal Pages of Time

Belle - Ch. Karnovanda's Black Beauty

Smokey - Ch. Suwyn's After the Fire

O'Toole - Can. Ch. Innisfree's O'Toole

Elmo - Ch. Kristari's Tickle Me Elmo

Connie* - Kristari's Conspiracy Theory, major pointed

*Connie went to stay with a breeder in NY and escaped in 2003.  She still has not been found.

Previously Owned

Breeding & Health records on our dogs are available upon request.


Breeders of Our Current Crew:



Karnovanda Siberians                


(Past) “Belle”


Nariz de Nieve Siberians             

“Gasolina”  & "Harry" & "Morpheu"

Chrison Siberians               


Foxfire  Siberians                


Huskavarna Siberians

"Hunter" and "Zoe"



Sires of Our Bred-By Family Members:

Snowborn Siberians                   

“Seeka” = “Story”


International Sled Dog Club

Born to Run Sled Dog Club 

 Dancing Winds Siberians

Maple Lane Siberians

Nariz de Nieve Siberians

Love Siberians

Diamond Siberians

Genesis Siberians - coming

Seraphic Siberians - coming

Nando Siberians

Lanna Siberians

Dzintars Siberians

Kings Ransom Siberians

Tunghats Siberians

Amaroq Siberians

Tailfrost Siberians



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