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Please feel free to review our purchasing policies, and then contact us about current availability.  An online application is also available above for your convenience.

  Pet Puppy Contract or  Show Puppy Contract.

*** We take deposits in advance of our litters. At 8 weeks of age, we make our show puppy selections. Then, we go in the order that deposits are received for pet picks.

If we do not have the color/gender deposit holders are seeking, they have the option of waiting for the next litter, as they are not required to pick from the puppies available. Their deposit moves up in the order of picks as those already in line above them make their selections. Deposits are $100, and are non-refundable.

So, what we tell folks who must have a puppy immediately, or who are very specific about the coat/eye color/gender they are seeking is, 'don't send us a deposit' :)... We'd be happy to refer you to other breeders who may have what you're looking for, but we can't predict with exact certainty the colors of the puppies that will be born, nor which will be kept for show, nor which will be selected by a deposit holder already in line.

Most people who send us a deposit do so because they like our contract/guarantee. Many people also have preferences, but if they send us a deposit, then they are either willing to wait for a puppy meeting that description, or they are at least somewhat flexible on which colors/genders they would like. We do not refund deposits (any money paid towards a puppy).

If you would like a puppy from one of our planned litters, a deposit is strongly recommended. Deposits are accepted from approved homes only. Please review our purchasing policies for further information.








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