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Photos from years ago!
A link to another page of photos is available below!

Competing can be very rewarding!
This is a picture of Journey at one of his shows as a puppy.
Litter of Five
This litter contains puppies which are black/white, red/white, and gray/white.
Belle on the Stand
After winning a conformation award, pictures are taken.
Being Judged
Smokey is being 'gone over' by the judge.
Mya was the king!
This is our good friend, Mya. Although he is no longer with us, he will always be in our hearts.
Curious Odie
Odie is now living with Barb K. in St. Marys, PA.
Odie's brother, Noox

This puppy has lovely breed type. Noox is loved by the Carlsons in Virginia.

Please click on Noox's picture to view a large photo gallery of Jalerran Siberians.

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