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Research Before You Buy!
Is a Siberian In Your Future?

These are the things you need to know, cut and dry:

1. Siberians are not trustworthy off lead.

2. Siberians shed profusely twice a year.

3. Siberians have a high prey drive.

4. Siberians are escape artists.

5. Siberians love to dig.

6. Siberians require consistent training and attention.

7. Siberians can have a number of health problems including epilepsy, zinc deficiency, hypo-thyroidism, hip displasia, eye defects, and ectopic ureter. It is important that you purchase a Siberian from a reputable breeder.

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Training and Socialization
Siberians should be outgoing and friendly. Proper socialization and training should help to ensure that your puppy or dog learns manners.

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